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how strange! and, yes, very scarring!


Very strange indeed. I wonder if it gets hot in that mask.


il se protéger (son visage) peut-etre du soleil

Ashish Sidapara

Strange indeed, curious to know the reason for the mask. Meanwhile what i can think is that he would be putting his face in the water, which would make the fish panic and swim in the opposite direction where his friend would get them :)
And oh, i just read the reason for the mask .. however i would still put up my funny story ;-)


:-) .. hehe, very well protected and fashionable too, Sidney.


men wearing long sleeve shirts plus another one to cover their heads...

some sort of sunscreen

Laguna lake used to be my playground
btw, what camera and lenses do you use?



'Looks like a true member of the KKK. :)


Again, nice shots. I like the man with the mask. :)


he's wearing a mask because he doesn't want to get dark? hehehe

do you have pictures of the effect of milenyo?


In a strange sort of way it kind of reminded me of shots of militia gunmen in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.


oh i see i heared frm the news 4 months ago that typically most males are prone into a "skin cancer" 15 spf is useless, here in canada most dermatologist advice 40spf and high 60 spf is good protection for skin very aware of skin cancer good thing that im cure :)the tumour skin frm the deep nerve is gone. a month ago got my result in my plastic surgeon and the result of my operation is successful i have nothing to worry about.thank God.

make sure when u expose ur skin in the sun u have ur lotion at least 60spf or umbrella or a hat-the shade equiv. is 15spf protect ur eyes, nose:) or jacket :)so hmmmm the guy is smart he kept his face safe :)have great week ahead :)


i wonder what's the mask for? maybe he doesnt want to be recognized? like those guys participating in UP's Oblation Run? :)


hmm i'm not sure on what his mask for but i'll keep on guessing... a lake scarecrow? :D nice photos sidney, it's been a while. :)


Beautiful, Scarry, Informative


he looks very intimidating. i wonder why he chooses to protect only his face and upper body from the sun but not his legs.

Toxic Lens

Ha! I thought you had underwear pirates on the lake!


Wow, he is pretty scary looking. Great images though!


I'm wondering why he wears this hood until i read your comment. I understand now. At first glance, this looks very curious.
I tell you again Sidney "I love your shots and the way you're showing your report" Great work.


I really enjoy your documetary style and quality shots. Mal


Great shots - but what the hell is that all about...? ;-)

Wim van der Meij

Scary indeed. I hope there is nothing like the Ku Klux Klan in the Philippines?!
The upper photo is again graphically perfect! Maybe the contrast could be a bit bigger.

Chris Vallancourt

The mask makes him look like a mugger.


so this guy scares the fish towards the nets? great shots: do you have any explanation?

Gérard Méry

A quelle genre de protection sert ce masque, jamais vu avant. ?


Yes, with this mask, you cannot say if it is a terrorist or a horror movie actor. But the worse is that he has to wear that to do his job. I guess it must be pretty hot inside but still better than having his skin burnt. Good shot !

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